Member Benefits

In order to ensure that the appropriate systems and processes are in place to steer the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of the organisation, GTF Board of Advisors and Global Growth Board have been established, serving as pillars on which the long-term sustainability of GTF is based.

The GTF Board of Advisors consists of the guardians of the vision and mission and collaborates closely with GTF's executive team to support achievement of the mission and goals.

The GTF Board of Advisors includes five founding members. Every year six to ten 'rotational' members are invited based on expertise with particular knowledge of the topic or country/region relevant for the GTF mission, reinforcing GTF's diversity, prolific expertise and growth.

The GTF Board of Advisors consists of a maximum of 28 members per calendar year. These members come from business, academia, media and leading local and international civil society agencies that support GTF by providing valuable insights about the local business, political, academic and social environment that aid in designing the various GTF events and programmes and set the direction of the organisation's growth. The Board consists of highly successful people who love and have embraced the concept behind the Forum. Some organisations represented are: Euronews, Bloomberg, Google, Oxford University, Columbia University, CNN, Harvard University, Brookings Institution etc.

The GTF Global Growth Board includes people with global profiles in leading national and international companies and agencies, as well as distinguished individuals who support GTF by providing valuable insights and knowledge about current initiatives. Very importantly the members of the Global Growth Board also contribute to GTF's long tern sustainability, participating in many of its events and programmes and serving of Board Committees such as growth and project development.

The privileges of becoming a GTF Board Member include:

  • Announcement of individual or brand as Global Growth Partner
  • Opportunity to join the Global Thinkers Mentors global platform, as GTF Mentor
  • Feature or Interview on the GTF websites
  • Free participation in GTF meetings and networking events
  • Exclusive access to the global GTF network
  • Nomination rights for the GTF Awards for Excellence
  • Member's photo and bio on GTF website

If you are interested in joining the GTF International Network, please sign up here and a member of the GTF Executive Team will get in touch with you directly.